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Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 6

Why, Texas?  Why do you have to be 105 face-melting, energy-draining, will-to-live-sapping degrees?  My car gets so hot inside after a day in the sun that I expect to hear sizzling anytime my skin touches ANY non-cloth surface.  I love slow-cooked barbeque, but I don't want to BE slow-cooked barbeque, so please, a little cool front would be fantastic!

Apparently, I'm getting my wish.  I decided to consult the weather forecast after writing my first take, and check this out!
Dallas 7 day Forecast
WOW!  Look at all those days under 100.  Downright chilly!

I'm a catechist at my parish.  For those who don't know that word, it means

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learning to Love Myself (Vol. 2)

You know what?  It's really hard to identify things I like about myself.  Good traits.  Things about me that are  lovable.  I had to sit and ponder for a while before I came up with something.

I am a thinker, and I love that about myself.  I haven't always, though.  There have been (and still are) times when my analytical mind has been frustrating.  For example,