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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five Favorite De-Stressors - 7 Posts in 7 Days: Day 3

I'm participating in the 7 Posts in 7 Days link-up at Conversion Diary, and this is my post for Day 3.  Go here to read the posts from the other bloggers in the link-up.  And go here to find a list of all 7 of my posts for this round of the link-up.

And because I'm lazy efficient, it's a dual link-up kind of day, because this is also my Five Favorites post.  Check out the others at Moxie Wife.

I get anxious and stressed.  A lot.  A whole, whole, whole lot.  I've had to find little tricks to help reduce my stress levels, so I don't go all panic-attacky.  So today, I'm sharing my five favorite ways to reduce anxiety and de-stress!

Reading A Favorite Book
These beauties are definitely not just for show.
Probably the number one thing I due to reduce anxiety is to distract my brain with a good book.  Personally, I've found the best things to read when anxious are not new books.  It requires too much concentration and focus when you don't already know the story, and focusing is way too hard to do when I'm really rockin' the anxiety.  Instead, I grab a tried and true favorite, and it's like sitting down with an old friend who's keeping me company until I get myself calmed down and back in order again.

Drink Something Relaxing

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Five Favorites: Vol. 2 - Favorite Re-reads Edition

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One of my favorite pass-times of all is reading, so for my second try at participating in the Five Favorites link-up, I'm sharing my five favorite fiction books/book series to read over and over again.*

This trilogy of books has become my hands-down favorite thing to read in my whole library.  The first time I tried reading it, years ago, I found it to be uninteresting and difficult to follow.  But then, a magical thing happened a little while back: I found the audiobooks of the series.  And the narrator -oh, the narrator!- absolutely brought Tolkien's world to life for me.  The Elvish words became things of beauty instead of oddities for my brain to skim over when I couldn't figure out the pronunciation.  The language, instead of sounding a little stilted and arcane, became courtly and noble.  And almost best of all, the narrator actually sung all of the many songs throughout the book!  Now, every time I read (or listen) to this trilogy, it's sheer delight.  If you haven't read The Lord of the Rings, I highly suggest you give it a try.  And I also really recommend listening to the audiobooks at least once (even if you don't like audiobooks for one reason or another, give this one a try!).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five Favorites: Vol. 1

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Big Tex is back at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas!
We love going to the Texas State Fair every year (usually multiple times).  There is so much fun involved:  great shows, thrilling rides, amazing people watching, and of course, FRIED FOOD!  If you've never been, come on down to Texas and check it out.