A Little About Me

  1. I'm a 34-year old woman, and a native of Texas.
  2. I've been married for 8 years to my fantastic husband, James.
  3. Despite being married for 8 years, we have no children because I suffer from infertility.
  4. We have a very-spoiled kitty in our house.
  5. I am a very passionate Catholic.  I love God, I love the Church, I whole-heartedly believe my faith, and I will gladly defend all three.
  6. I am a thinker, far more than I am a doer.  I love to read, to learn, to increase my understanding.  I have, rather to my surprise, discovered a real interest in philosophy.
  7. I am a willing-but-not-so-successful gardener and sometime-butterfly farmer.
  8. As I think of more things, I'll let you know.....


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