Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes About Some Awesome Things That Happened to Me and a Prayer Request - Vol. 17

My first take definitely has to be about everyone's favorite topic this week:
sotg small 7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit
The magical book fairies were smiling on me last week, because I actually got my book in the mail on the Saturday before the release date.  What?!  I was so stinkin' excited, and you had better believe I wasn't going to wait until the release date to start reading.  I'm a fast reader, so normally I should be on my 2nd or 3rd reading of the book by now, but life has been crazy recently, so I'm having to take it slowly.  My brain is saying, "Read more book NOW!" but my life is saying, "Not happening.  Just learn to savor it in small bites."  Stupid small bites, but they taste so good!  (I'm thinking that's going to sound even weirder to you than it did in my head.)

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't bought the book yet, and click rightthisveryinstant on this link right here, buy the book, read the book, and come back here and we can chat about how awesome it is!  And stay tuned for an attempt by me to write a book review once I've finished it.

Awesome thing numero dos:  I got a new job!  Yay!!!!  I will be working at a local university in one of the administrative departments.  In fact, it's at my alma mater, so even more cool to be going back.  I'm ridiculously excited for the new experience, and even more so for cutting my commute time/distance by more than half.  Thanks to all the family and friends who kept me in their prayers during the interview process.

I'm sure most people are aware that last week was National Infertility Awareness Week.  I didn't blog during it, first because I had a lot of preparing for my job interview to focus on.  Second, because I just didn't have it in me.  I am still very much infertile, and it seems lately I've been going through one of my rougher patches about it emotionally, so while I read a bunch of great posts from some of the other IF bloggers, I just couldn't come up with one of my own this year.

However, I worked with my priest to organize our parish's first Mass offered specifically for infertile couples on that Friday, April 25.  It kind of happened really quickly, like within just a few weeks of my mentioning the idea to Father, and so there wasn't much time to advertise about it.  It was pretty small, maybe 20 people including me and James, but it was really beautiful.  We were in the little Eucharistic Chapel, which has really good acoustics, and at one point during the responses, when all our voices blended together and reechoed, it sounded so big and strong that I could envision all of the Church Triumphant was there responding too as they celebrated Mass with us.  It brought tears to my eyes, in gratitude for being part of the big, loving Body of Christ.

All you ladies and gents that suffer from infertility or repeat miscarriages, please know that I offered my Mass and communion up especially for you and kept you in my thoughts and prayers all that week.

These quick takes need to be quicker, because I got to get my little self to work!

May is officially here, y'all, and I'm loving the beautiful weather.  My flowers are blooming, my baby fig tree is putting on leaves, and my hydrangea that I thought for sure I had killed (again) has been miraculously raised from the dead just in time for the Easter season.  There are a multitude of festivals and whatnot this weekend, and I'm thinking about getting out and enjoying one of them to celebrate spring.

What are you doing to celebrate the beginning of May and the wonderful weather?  Please share your plans and give me some good ideas to add to my own!

Okay, prayer request time.  My goddaughter Kaylin, who is 3 years old, will be having surgery on Monday to remove a mass from her neck.  Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery for her, strength and peace for her mom and dad, and that the mass turns out NOT to be cancerous.  Thanks so much!

And, I got nothing else.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Casey, congrats on the new job!! That's so exciting, and it's such a relief when you finally get hired. I hope all goes well. Prayers going up for Kaylin, that must be really scary.

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