Friday, February 28, 2014

I Got Nothin' Over Here - 7 Posts in 7 Days: Day 5

I'm participating in the 7 Posts in 7 Days link-up at Conversion Diary, and this is my post for Day 5.  Go here to read the posts from the other bloggers in the link-up.  And go here to find a list of all 7 of my posts for this round of the link-up.

Today has not been a great day.  I haven't felt well, and in fact, I continue to not feel well.  (If you would say a little prayer for me, I'd appreciate it.)

My brain is mush.  There is simply nothing in there for me to blog about.  However, this weekend is my birthday, so in honor of that, I share with you a picture of me from last year's birthday party with my family.

Don't ask.
So, I'm totally counting this public humiliation as my post for the day.  Aaaaaaaand, I'm out.

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  1. Awesome picture! Anything that makes someone laugh is worth it.


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