Thursday, January 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 13

Even though I feel SO MUCH better than I did in October, I still have a long way to go in trying to figure out how to manage this Graves' disease on a day to day basis. Some days are good, some days, my thyroid hands me my ass on a platter.
I don't know if my recent lack of motivation to blog has more to do with the Graves' or with the lack of anything even remotely interesting occuring in my life to inspire me. This pervasive feeling of being stuck in a rut is the pits! I need something meaningful to do.
I'm thinking about approaching our pastor about scheduling a healing Mass for National Infertility Awareness Week this year. We have NFP classes offered periodically at our parish, as well as a lot of ministries and activities geared to families with kids, which is awesome! But there is no outreach to the infertile folks; it can be a little lonely and frustrating at times, so I might try to do something about it. Say a prayer that the Holy Spirit clears the path (and then drags me down it!), if this is something He wants me to do. And if you have any suggestions, please share!
We have Too. Much. Stuff. We are planning a garage sale for spring, and I'm looking forward to ransacking our cupboards, closets and pantries. I have such a pack rat tendency that it's going to be really hard to convince myself to get rid of anything-that-might-be-remotely-useful-someday. (Seriously, I have enough tissue paper to supply presents for the next 5 Christmases, because why buy new paper when you can reuse the old sheets for free!) However, I fully intend to get rid of a buch of stuff. If we don't use it, it needs to go. Wish me luck!
I'm excited about Jennifer and Hallie's Catholic women's conference this summer (I'm typing this on my phone and can't figure out how to embed a link in text, so to find out more about the conference go here: ). It's so nice that it's actually going to be in Texas, close enough for me to drive to (I don't do the airplane thing). I would absolutely LOVE to meet other Catholic women (although, knowing myself, I would be so overwhelmed by the idea of social interaction with strangers that I would just sit in a corner and watch, simultaneously praying to God that someone would come talk to me and that no one would come talk to me. Messed up, I know). I just question whether or not I would actually fit in, since I have no kids and thus am not a Catholic Mom.
(This post has a ridiculous amount of parenthetical asides in it, and it gets worse the further along I get. I decided to bow to the inevitable and just write this entire take in parentheses. (It's too bad I don't have anything better to write about than this. Hey-hey, this is an aside within an aside! Am I cool, or what? (You don't need to answer that.)))
Closing with a bit of happy news: my husband was a contract employee, but has now been brought on as a permanent employee at the company he works for. Yippee!!
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  1. I'm Anglican and not Catholic, so I can't offer any advice specifically on scheduling a mass, but I think just the idea of remembering those struggling with infertility is a good idea - I think it makes a difference just to know your fellow parishioners know and care about you, you know? whatever the struggle is.

  2. Be gentle with yourself! You clearly are coming out of a major medical problem, and thyroid issues are no joke. I'm Episcopalian so not Catholic either, but there is something about different about socializing when it comes to single vs married vs married with children. I've struggled with that at my husband's seminary because the moms with kids have such a different lifestyle. But then the "free wheeling" lifestyle of my single co-workers is radically different of course. It can feel like you're stuck in the middle.

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