Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Story in Pictures: My Trip to the ER

This is me.

heart beat photo: Heart beat beat1.gif
This is how fast my heart was beating when I just sitting and doing nothing.  (That's 120 beats per minute, in case you're wondering.)

This is me in the Emergency Room, where my primary care doc sent me after an EKG really concerned her.  I think she was afraid I might have a heart attack.  To be completely honest, I was afraid of that too.  My heartrate was between 120 and 150 bpm at rest.  YIKES!

After a LOT of testing, they finally figured out that this is my problem.

It feels so good to know that my symptoms are actually caused by something physical, and they're not all psycho-somatic manifestations of my crazy brain.  Hyperthyroidism is a lot easier to treat that hypochondria!  And apparently, hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety and panic attacks, so I am really looking forward to those going away when my thyroid gets under control!!


  1. The older I get the more I wonder if anybody is really a hypochondriac, or if they all just have real undiagnosed illnesses. I love to ready real life medical mystery stories, and so many of them begin with some version of "I thought it was just all in my head", or, "the Dr. told me I was perfectly normal, and to ignore it". Then they eventually find out that they are hyperthyroid, or hypoglycemic, or have a brain tumor. Congratulations on getting a diagnosis! And encourage anyone else who has persistent symptoms to keep on trying to get some help.

    1. There are folks with hypochondria apparently, but it's often pretty extreme. There's also a disease in which you become a hypochondriac on someone else's behalf, usually a parent who's always thinking their child is sick. It is true though that often there is a real explanation for symptoms.

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