Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 6

Why, Texas?  Why do you have to be 105 face-melting, energy-draining, will-to-live-sapping degrees?  My car gets so hot inside after a day in the sun that I expect to hear sizzling anytime my skin touches ANY non-cloth surface.  I love slow-cooked barbeque, but I don't want to BE slow-cooked barbeque, so please, a little cool front would be fantastic!

Apparently, I'm getting my wish.  I decided to consult the weather forecast after writing my first take, and check this out!
Dallas 7 day Forecast
WOW!  Look at all those days under 100.  Downright chilly!

I'm a catechist at my parish.  For those who don't know that word, it means
I help to teach the Catholic faith.  It's something that I am enjoying a lot more than I thought I would, given how introverted I am.  But I guess it makes sense.  Like I said on Wednesday, I'm a natural thinker.  I love the Truth.  I love to learn about the truths of the Catholic faith, and I get excited about sharing them with other people who don't know them.  I love the fact that the Holy Spirit may use some of the information I share to help spark or grow or affirm or renew someone's faith in Jesus Christ and His beautiful Bride, the Catholic Church.  That's so cool, and makes me feel so humble!

Speaking of learning about the faith, I'm really excited about an adult faith formation class I will be attending this weekend at my parish!  The topic is one that super-interests me:  Key Concepts of Catholic Morality - Happiness, Freedom, and Conscience.  I love it!  It's like theology and philosophy all rolled into one!  (I am such a nerd....)  If I ever do get to study for my doctorate, I am all about getting a degree in Moral Theology.

If any of you reading this live in my general area (you know who you are) and are interested in attending the talk (it's freeeeeee, and only 2 hours so totally do-able, and there is childcare provided!) leave a comment or send an email and I will give you the details.

Football pre-season games have started, which means that football season is about to start.  All I have to say to that is:  Meh.

My sister is 8 months pregnant.  In August.  In Texas.  Reference Take #1.  Say a little prayer for her, please, that she stays nice and comfortable in this heat while carrying around her own personal space-heater in her abdomen.  Thanks!

And for a relish:  A charming love song with what has to be the best line ever ever ever at the end!

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  1. That weather forecast is insanity! I can't stop looking at it in disbelief! A good reminder to be ever so thankful multiple times a day for the beauty that is the weather in Sweden!

    1. It is a little insane, isn't it! Not unusual, though. We get this weather every summer, so I'm used to it.

      I bet Sweden is beautiful! I'd love to visit there someday and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

  2. i love the heat, I want to move to texas so bad! i feel like it's my spirit state. Once I'm properly sacrament-ed up I want to look into being a catechist for confirmation. I feel like I missed out on a lot by having a teacher that wasn't willing to answer questions so I eventually left the church only to return after I studied it on my own.

    1. Honestly, even though I'm complaining about it, I will take the heat over the cold any day! So go on, move to Texas, and enjoy the heat. The plenty of it to share.

      That's a shame that you had a teacher that wasn't willing to answer questions. Probably that teacher was poorly catechized and didn't really know or understand as much as he/she should have to be teaching others. I'm really glad you had the drive to study on your own and find your way back to the Church, though, that's awesome! Welcome home!

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry, but I'm a Texas girl, so go Cowboys!

      I have a cousin who would heartily agree with you, though!


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