Saturday, July 27, 2013

7 in 7 - Day 6: What To Do, What To Do

Well, I've got a long and busy day today, so I don't have time for a longer, more coherent post.  So here are my thoughts on things I want to do (or should be doing).

  • Read Scripture more.  I need to develop a daily Scripture reading habit, because how can I hear what God wants to say to me if I don't bother listening to his Word.
  • Start working away at the rather large backlog of books in my personal library.  You remember this picture:  
          Well, at least two full shelves of books need to be read.  Cripes, that's going to take me a while!!

  • Get back to riding my bike every day, and do other healthy-type exercise-thingies.
  • Go back to school and get a least a masters degree.  This is something I want that probably isn't going to happen, at least for a while.  Grad school is so expensive, and I imagine a masters in Theology or Philosophy (my interests) is not widely applicable in the working world.
  • Get a new job.  One which puts my strengths, talents, and skills to better use.
  • Go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and spend the first 15 minutes of my day (at least) in prayer.
  • Find a ministry in which I can actively serve the poor or hurting or neglected in our society.  I NEED to love actively, otherwise my love will atrophy, and my faith will be without works and will be dead.
  • Organize my closet.  I'm not going to show you my closet, because I need to retain some dignity, but....yeah....
  • Spend more time with friends on a more regular basis.  I don't see them nearly often enough, and I miss it!
  • Tell the people I love that I love them on a regular basis.  This is actually harder than it sounds, since I typically don't say "I love you" to anyone but James.  I try to show my love in what I do, but saying the words is intimidating, but some reason.
  • Paint my kitchen, so that my greatroom painting project is complete.  Then, I can start on painting the rest of the house.
  • Consciously work on destroying my bad habits and little habitual sins.  They drive me nuts!  I hate confessing the same things in Confession every week.  I need to cultivate the virtues instead, with the graces I receive from Reconciliation.
  • Eat better.  Prepare more meals from scratch, and find yummy ways to make vegetable dishes.
  • Be the kind of woman my husband deserves to have as a wife.
  • Find a nice hobby that will help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Work on starting some kind of infertility healing-Mass and maybe support system at my parish.  Because, yeah, there's nothing there for folks like me, but I bet there are a lot more people suffering infertility that are in that parish than anyone realizes.  
  • Pray.
  • Pray.
  • Pray.
  • Truly put God first in my life.  I know I need to; I want to; I believe it is the way we are all supposed to live.  But do I do it?  Not like I should, or want.
There's a lot more, I'm sure, but I've got to get going.  Have a great Saturday, y'all!


  1. Hee!
    Well, as one who has Masters in Theology, I can tell you it is not really "helpful" in the job market, and my field makes between $35-40K a year - not a lot. So, it is not very useful, but it was wonderful! Have you looked into the Catholic Biblical School, from UD, but classes in parishes? I know St. mark's and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano have classes. That may be a less expensive option. Or, long-distance learning. I think my alma mater, Franciscan U of Steubenville has an online Masters.
    LOVE the idea of a ministry for those dealing with Infertility. You can do some great things there!
    Our lists would look very much the same. Closet? Sigh.


    1. I have heard of the Catholic Biblical School classes in parishes, but I haven't looked into them. I might try doing that. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I've looked a little at distance-learning, and it looks wonderful, but still so expensive. $1000 for a 3-credit hour class is kind of hard to swallow!

      Yeah, I've been mulling over the Infertility ministry for a while now. It keeps getting nudged into my mind at odd moments, so maybe God is trying to light a fire under my rear.

  2. I am taking a seminar from CDU and it is awesome! I am thinking about getting a certificate through them. Good luck!


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